UK Christian Science Churches and Reading Rooms
Online Services
Church Sunday Service Time Sunday School Wednesday Testimony Meeting Time
Barnstaple (email for details) 11am 6:15pm
Bedford (email for details) 11am 8pm
Birmingham 1st 3rd Wed 7pm
Bournemouth 11am 7:30pm
Brighton and Hove (email for details) 11am 7:30pm
Bristol (Conf call 0333 011 0399 Pin: 280 9729#) 11am 1st Wed: 7:30pm 3rd Wed: 2:30pm
Cardiff 10.30am 4th Wed 2.30pm
Carlisle 11am 6pm
Cheltenham ( 01242 514140 for details) 9:45am 01242 514140 for details 7:30pm
Chester 11am 1st 4th Wed. 5:30pm, 2nd 3rd Wed. 7:30pm
Chichester 11am 2nd Wed. 12:30pm
Claygate and Esher 10:30am 10:30am (email for details) 8pm
Derby 11am 7:30pm
Dorking 11am 9:45am (flexible) (email for details) 8pm
Exeter 10am 6:30pm
Framlingham 10:30am 1st 3rd Wed 7:30pm
Godalming (email for details) 10:30am 6:30pm
High Wycombe & Maidenhead 11am 7:45pm
Keighley (email for details) 11am
Leamington Spa 11am 2nd 4th Wed. 8pm
London - First 11am Email for details 7pm
London - Eleventh 10:30am 7pm
Manchester - Fourth 11am 12:30pm (email for details) 6pm
Newcastle upon Tyne 11am 7:30pm
Oxford (email for details) 10:30am Email for details 7:30pm
Oxted 10am 1st 3rd Wed. 8pm
Poole 10:30am 7:30pm
Portsmouth 11am 1st 3rd Wed. 7:30pm
Reading 10:30am 7:45pm, also 1st 2nd Wed 1pm
Scarborough 10:30am Email for details 2nd 4th Wed. 7pm
Sevenoaks 11am Email for details 4th Wed. 8pm
Shipley (email for details) 11am Email for details 7pm
Stratford 11am 7:30pm
Stroud 10am 11am  07775 922955 for details 7pm
Walton and Weybridge 10:30am Email for details 8pm
Watford 10:30am 8pm
Welwyn Garden City (email for details) 10:30am Email for details 2nd Wed 7:30pm
Winchester (email for details) 10.30am 2nd 4th Wed 7.30pm
Woking (email for details) 11am 7:45pm
The First Church of Christ, Scientist (Boston, USA) 3pm (UK) 7pm (UK)

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