UK Christian Science Churches and Reading Rooms
Online Services
Church Sunday Service Time Sunday School Wednesday Testimony Meeting Time
Barnstaple (email for details) 11am 6:15pm
Bath 10:30 Email for details 2nd Wed 7pm
Bedford (email for details) 11am 8pm
Bournemouth 11am afternoon (email for details) 7:30pm
Brighton and Hove (email for details) 11am 7:30pm
Bristol (Conf call 0333 011 0399 Pin: 280 9729#) 11am 1st Wed: 7:30pm 3rd Wed: 2:30pm
Cardiff 10.30am 4th Wed 2.30pm
Carlisle 11am 6pm
Cheltenham ( 01242 514140 for details) 9:45am 01242 514140 for details 7:30pm
Chester 11am 1st 4th Wed. 5:30pm, 2nd 3rd Wed. 7:30pm
Chichester 11am 2nd Wed. 12:30pm
Claygate and Esher 10:30am 10:30am (email for details) 8pm
Derby 11am 7:30pm
Dorking 11am 9:45am (flexible) (email for details) 8pm
Framlingham 10:30am 1st 3rd Wed 7:30pm
Godalming (email for details) 10:30am 6:30pm
High Wycombe & Maidenhead 11am 7:45pm
Keighley (email for details) 11am
Leamington Spa 11am 2nd 4th Wed. 8pm
London - First 11am Email for details 7pm
London - Third 11am Email for details 12:15pm
London - Eleventh 10:30am 7pm
Manchester - Fourth 11am 12:30pm (email for details) 6pm
Newcastle upon Tyne 11am 7:30pm
Oxford (email for details) 10:30am Email for details 7:30pm
Oxted 10am 1st 3rd Wed. 8pm
Poole 10:30am 7:30pm
Portsmouth 11am 1st 3rd Wed. 7:30pm
Reading 10:30am 7:45pm, also 1st 2nd Wed 1pm
Scarborough 10:30am Email for details 2nd 4th Wed. 7pm
Sevenoaks 11am Email for details 4th Wed. 8pm
Shipley (email for details) 11am Email for details 7pm
Stroud 10am 11am  07775 922955 for details 7pm
Walton and Weybridge 10:30am Email for details 8pm
Watford (email for details) 11am 8pm
Welwyn Garden City (email for details) 10:30am Email for details 2nd Wed 7:30pm
Winchester (email for details) 10.30am 2nd 4th Wed 7.30pm
Woking (email for details) 11am 7:45pm
The First Church of Christ, Scientist (Boston, USA) 3pm (UK) 7pm (UK)

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