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The Bible gives us a standard of healing resting on timeless and universal spiritual laws. Mary Baker Eddy’s work Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures shows how the healings in the Bible were accomplished, and how we can claim that same healing for ourselves, our families, and our world.

Authentic takes on timely topics - written by and for teens

Your Healings
By Dana Dorman
It was senior year, and everything was going so well . . . until this author began picking herself apart and feeling like she could never measure up. What turned it around? Digging deeper into what her identity really is, with the help of Science and Health.
By Gabriela Mejía
Faced with the fact that she had zero ideas for a creative project, this student felt increasingly anxious about the looming deadline. Maybe, she thought, prayer could offer some answers?
Your Healings
By Justinian Oberon Wright
No matter how much he tried, this teenager couldn’t get a disturbing image out of his head. Then his friends helped him realize that the image didn’t actually have the power it claimed to hold over him. Click the link to find out what happened next.
Why I am a Christian Scientist
By Hilary Harper-Wilcoxen
One of the things I love about being a Christian Scientist is the strength Christian Science has given me to challenge every thought that isn’t right or good.

A series of themed articles of inspirational content that supports your prayers for yourself and for the world around you.

“A Calm, Christian state of mind is a better preventive of contagion than a drug, or than any other possible sanative method; and the ‘perfect Love’ that ‘casteth out fear’ is a sure defense,” writes Mary Baker Eddy ...
“Today only! Free flu shots!” The bright banners snapping in the late fall breeze seemed to be effective. Lots of cars were turning in at the large chain drugstore near our home. As I drove past, it occurred to me how easy it is to assume that it’s natural, even inevitable, to come down with contagious illnesses, especially during the winter. ...
I know someone who used to schedule his sick days in advance because he expected to catch some type of illness every year about the same time. Then he learned about Christian Science, and his experience completely changed. He soon noticed that he didn’t need to take sick days with regularity anymore. ...
I’ve been hearing the same voices many others in society have been listening to - media, government officials, friends. And the focus is pretty constantly the same: coronavirus. A lot of people have learned a new word, and too many of them are afraid of it. ...
When I was growing up in the San Francisco area, my family often spent weekends and vacations at the beach. Now I live on the opposite coast, but my love for the beauty of the beach has ...
If you - or your friends - are feeling afraid about what’s going on in the world, there is something you can do to help. You can actually disengage from fear. This author explains how - and why saying no ...
In the middle of economic upheavals and pressing financial needs, is there a way to calm fear and find stability? Many people have looked beyond a surface assessment of their well-being and a frustrating focus on what’s wrong, to the ...
On this special edition of Sentinel Watch, our guest discusses how a shift in his perspective from a fear of lack to a spiritual understanding of God’s constant care and infinite goodness brought him through periods of unemployment ...
During the mid-2000s, I decided to act on a long-cherished desire to be self-employed. I created a plan that would allow me to work part-time on my new endeavor. I formed a corporation, lined up financing, and purchased an expensive piece of ...
I’ve heard it said that the one thing you can count on is that you can’t count on anything. The uncertainties of human existence would tend to support such a sentiment. But are chaos and variableness really the principles behind existence, ...
A verse from the Bible’s book of Psalms steadies me: “He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out of the mud and the mire. He set my feet on solid ground and steadied me as I walked along” (40:2, New Living Translation). ...
In a world where instability seems all too common, the Bible offers a powerful, alternate view, one that’s been time-tested through the years. The Psalmist - obviously no stranger to change, tumult, and danger=pointed toward ...
When a seemingly vicious flu-like condition passed through my children’s school district, my daughter came home from high school one day with the symptoms. As I helped her into bed, a most comforting poetic phrase I was familiar with came to mind: “It shall not come nigh thee” (Psalms 91:7). ...
Recently, a few days before some visiting family were to depart, I was overcome with flu-type symptoms. Christ Jesus healed diseases of all kinds, and he assured those who followed him that they could do the same healing work. ...
For three years I suffered from what the doctors diagnosed as asthmatic bronchitis. The spells appeared with every change of season, especially when it was humid, and lasted between three and four weeks. ...
Judging by how many resources today are devoted to mental health, it seems many people struggle with feelings of inner turmoil. Some find it hard to think clearly and to remain peaceful and productive throughout the day. ...
Cut off from friends and family during the pandemic, this teen found herself slipping into constant unhappiness with no clear way out. But was her happiness really at the mercy of her circumstances...
Someone asked me if Christian Science can help with mental health issues. I was able to answer from my own experience that it can. ...

Centered on the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, these talks describe how relevant the spiritual laws behind Christ Jesus’ healing works are to our lives. They show the practicality of these teachings by sharing healings of individual, community, and global problems happening today.

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55 min
Brian Pennix, CSB, discusses how our innocence is always intact and can be expressed in daily life because we are the image and likeness of the one all-good and innocent God.
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20 min
Janet Hegarty, CSB, shares how an awareness of God’s power at work in our lives helps open the way for new employment and provide for daily needs.
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21 min
Melanie Wahlberg, CS, discusses how God is supplying healing ideas that keep us from feeling stuck or isolated and that make us purposeful and safe, even during troubled times.
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12 min
Michelle Nanouche, CSB, shares a reassuring message: the prayer that reduces fear brings out one’s natural immunity to disease and heals the symptoms of disease.
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63 min
Understanding each individual’s relation to God as a tender, divine Father and Mother can help us gain a sense of home as not so much a physical structure or location, but more of a warm, embracing sense of God’s care, which can never be lost. This Christian Science lecture by Heloisa Rivas, CSB, invites you to offer your own prayers for anyone who is seeking home, and to discover how those prayers can bring healing.
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90 min
Tom McElroy, CSB, talks about how getting beneath surface perceptions to discover spiritual insights is able to lead to healing on both a personal and a societal level.
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69 min
Michelle Nanouche, CSB, explains the nature of God as being good, only good, good itself, and how we can experience today more of the relationship we have with this all good God, including better health.
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55 min
Mary Alice Rose, CSB, explores the nature of Christianity as a science that everyone can practice and find healing.
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47 min
Josh Niles, CSB, takes a look at God’s law of harmony and how each of us can experience it in our daily lives.
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61 min
Fujiko Signs, CSB, brings out that God, divine Love and Life itself, helps us each day, especially during times of transition.

In Christian Science, the power of prayer lies not in faith alone but in a deeper understanding of God’s divine laws, which embrace humanity. This understanding touches and transforms the heart. Many people have found that as God’s presence and love become more real and tangible, healing and regeneration occur naturally.

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After an active day at the beach playing sports, he felt pain in his foot that prevented him from walking normally. He chose to pray about the problem with ideas he learned in Christian Science, and he quickly gained full mobility.
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She was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the age of 15. With medical treatment, the cancer was in remission. Then 18 years later, she was diagnosed with cancer again and was healed through a spiritual means. Years later she received another diagnosis of cancer. This time she used Christian Science, which she said completely removed the fear of getting cancer. Ever since the Christian Science treatment, she has been healthy and active.
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He was hospitalized after a skiing accident. Due to Christian Science prayer, surgery wasn’t needed. He was completely healed.
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When she was younger, she had a medically-diagnosed astigmatism and started wearing glasses. She also prayed about the vision problem and eventually there was no more defect.
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She had an eating disorder and called a Christian Science practitioner for help. Through the course of a year, not only was she healed of the eating disorder, but also she no longer needed to wear prescription glasses.
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She’d been taking medication to address epilepsy, but later, after she had started reading a copy of Science and Health given to her sister, she was permanently healed of the disease.
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She had multiple sclerosis and her doctors had no cure. She was completely healed through Christian Science.
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He was struggling with a parasitical illness that involved intensive medical treatment, which made him clinically depressed for many years. He then started studying Christian Science, and considered the idea “in Him we live, and move, and have our being.” A few months later he asked a Christian Science practitioner to pray for him, and he was completely healed in three weeks. That was several decades ago.
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He was physically disabled and in no mood to hear about Christianity until he was suddenly healed.

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