Teen Connection

By Judy Olson
Struggling with uncertainty and fear about the future, this author needed an answer. What she found in the Bible allayed her fears and helped her stop worrying about what came next. Read...
By Deborah Huebsch
Glued to your phone for updates on the latest terrifying thing sweeping the globe? Christian Science can help us productively navigate our consumption of—and response to—information. Read...
By Jenny Sawyer
If you—or your friends—are feeling afraid about what’s going on in the world, there is something you can do to help. You can actually disengage from fear. This author explains how—and why saying no to fear is so powerful. Read...
Your Healing
By Everett Poznick
It was the end of three amazing days of snowboarding when this author discovered that his phone was missing. It seemed like finding it would be impossible: Night was coming, and the snow was falling fast. Was there anything he’d learned in the Christian Science Sunday School that could help? Read...


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