Teen Connection

Your Healing
By McKinsey Bosman
After an accident on the ski slopes, this teen turned to a familiar hymn for help and found comfort, calm, and healing. Read...
By Naomi Nutwell
She’d tried everything: starting her homework earlier, getting help from teachers, even making schedules for herself. But she was still overwhelmed and overtired from staying up so late to get everything done. Could she find a spiritual answer to fatigue? Read...
By Amanda Loudon
This college student was already overwhelmed when she suddenly learned she’d have to prepare for an extra exam. How was she ever going to get it all done? God had a surprising answer for her. Read...
By Deborah Huebsch, Todd Herzer
What do you do when an unwelcome photo pops up as a text or a Snapchat? Two Christian Science Sunday School teachers share ideas about how prayer can help us find freedom from these “dark images.” Read...


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