Teen Connection

By Kaily Johnson
 This college freshman thought she was missing out when all her friends were having picture-perfect freshman years and she was stuck living at home and attending a not-so-prestigious school. Read on to find out how she turned her year around. Read...
Your Healing
By Dana Dorman
This high school sophomore was not having fun at boarding school, and she thought it was everyone else’s fault. Then a spiritual insight changed both the way she was thinking about things and her whole boarding school experience. Read...
Your Healing
By Phasha Mwaura
When an opportunity to go to boarding school in America came his way, this teen was excited. But then worry struck: What if he got homesick? Read...
Why I am a Christian Scientist
By Jacey Williams
The conversation with her friend was going well … until the subject of religion came up. What was she supposed to say about Christian Science? And would her friend judge her?  Read...


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